Former High School Teacher Empowers Homeschool Families through Resources and Community

As a mother of three, high school math teacher Andrea Hall sought flexibility and full oversight of her young children’s education. 

“So I decided I was going to homeschool my kids,” Hall explained. “My husband wasn’t sure about homeschooling and wondered how our children would be socialized. I said, ‘We’ll join a homeschool group!’”

Hall sought out homeschool groups but struggled to find one that connected her with resources.  

“So I said, ‘Let’s start our own group!’”

The result of Hall’s education innovation: EPIC Homeschool Network, a faith-based nonprofit homeschool group designed to connect and empower homeschool families in Georgia through scholarships, resources, and services. Launched in 2012, EPIC has served more than 400 families over time. For the 2020-2021 school year, the EPIC Homeschool Network includes 143 children from 65 families.

“When I was in college earning a degree in education, instructors talked about how the first seven years are the most formative of a child’s life. If those are the most important years for my children, I want to have control over that.”

Andrea Hall, founder of EPIC Homeschool Network, a VELA Education Fund Meet the Moment grantee

EPIC offers families scholarships to cover learning expenses, including materials. Families pay an annual $40 membership fee to access weekly homeschool hangouts, monthly field trips, and parent webinars. 

“We also organize extracurricular offerings like science and social studies clubs, to extend learning experiences beyond the classroom,” Hall said. “We bring parents together regularly with workshops to connect with other homeschool families and share best practices. We are first and foremost a social group.“

EPIC creates a strong foundation for homeschool families so they are connected, resourced, and empowered to lead their children’s education at home. 

“Connection is so important for the success of homeschool families,” Hall said. “EPIC connects families to a larger group banded together on a mission to empower each others’ homeschool.” 

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