Through VELA’s Meet the Moment program, microgrants and bridge grants are awarded to innovative, nontraditional education programs that are meeting learners’ unique needs. The Meet the Moment program includes microgrant opportunities to help everyday entrepreneurs students, parents, educators, and community groups take their ideas and new ventures and quickly put them into practice. 

Current Microgrant Opportunities

The Fall 2021 microgrant application is now live. Visit the Apply page to learn more!

VELA is committed to moving money quickly and trusting people with investments. Applications are straightforward, and reporting requirements value learning over compliance. VELA’s focus is on maximizing grantees’ impact.

VELA Education Fund’s Meet the Moment program provides immediate, flexible funding to support the learning needs of families and students who are meeting the immediate educational needs of students. In its first two funds, VELA’s Meet the Moment program has awarded 865 grants totaling $7.35 million. These grantees are developing a range of nontraditional approaches, including microschools, homeschool co-ops, and after-school programs, that reflect how families are rethinking their children’s educational experience. 

Microgrants help families and educators continue their nontraditional learning solutions long after the pandemic subsides. 

Our microgrant program accepts applications from diverse individuals and organizations that are:

  • Creating something new or transforming existing educational models.
  • Directly serving students & families in need, and the educators that support them.
  • Showing how learning from this approach can inform the work of others.
  • Addressing a clear charitable purpose.
  • Supporting students by the end of January 2022.
  • Not reliant on existing systems for approval.
  • Reaching and supporting at least multiple students in need.
  • In need of additional financial support to get started.

How do microgrants differ from bridge grants? 

Microgrants and bridge grants are meant for organizations at different stages. Microgrants are meant to support very early-stage ideas and enable everyday entrepreneurs to test custom solutions that better meet their own needs. Bridge grants are meant to support entrepreneurs who are further along in the implementation of their idea and are extending their solution to many new users or markets.

Meet our past microgrant recipients:

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