Experts Weigh in: Will Learning Pods Outlast the Pandemic?

During pandemic-related school shutdowns, parents, educators, and community organizations found ways to safely bring small groups of students together to learn outside of traditional classrooms. The result is a diverse group of learning pods across the country that are meeting the educational and personalized needs of students.

Wise Young Builders and the Joy of Math

“Every nine-year-old boy wants to bang with a hammer. That level of excitement is wonderful. We are building practical skills on that excitement,” said Elijah Moses, Executive Director of Wise Young Builders, a non-profit and VELA Meet the

Nature-based Education Brings Learning to Life

“We wanted our kids to have a childhood and be kids while gaining an education. We believe bringing learning to life is what kids deserve.”  So says Green Gate Children’s School’s founder Katie Saiz, who in partnership with her

Transcend: What We’re Learning from Out-of-System Learning Models

Transcend Education published a blog post about what it has learned through its partnership with the VELA Education Fund. To date, Transcend has engaged VELA grantees from Meet the Moment Fall 2020 in community calls, surveys, and focus groups. Among the major insights and

Mentors Guide Families New to the Homeschooling Journey

A veteran in the homeschooling world, McPherson’s knowledge and leadership are helping parents in Chattanooga, Tennessee to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of the first-time homeschooling experience.
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