On Chicago’s West Side, Making Montessori More Accessible

Humboldt Park of west side Chicago is often portrayed in the news media as a neighborhood with persistent poverty or gang violence, but it is a neighborhood filled with diversity, culture and rich community. In this context lies a gem of a school committed to sustaining and developing that diversity and inclusion

Learning Happens Everywhere, Including in London!

This is Abigail and Eva giving an update on our plans for our 2022 Shakespeare Study-Abroad Trip to England. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined we would be able to study Shakespeare and his work in the same places he himself walked and studied. 

Anti-Bullying Group Gives Voice to Black Youth

Empower Our Youth Foundation partners with school districts and community groups in Columbus, OH and Erie, PA to provide at-risk students living in underserved Black communities with cost-free STEM activities, arts and crafts, community events, bullying prevention resources, and social wellness resources for youth ages 6-17.
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