Discovery is Creating Independent Learners

Imagine loving a school so much you drive an hour or two each day to learn there. That is what many families at Discovery Micro Schools do to experience the tailored learning experience designed by Cheryl Ososky, the program’s founder and director. Located in Aledo, Texas, this microschool serves students and families in the 60-mile span between Dallas and Weatherford.

Student Success Comes with Choice

There are homeschools, there are public charter schools, and then there is The Learning Choice Academy (TLC), a public hybrid homeschool in and around San Diego. The novel K-12 school serves about 1,000 students across three campuses. 

Learning and Growing with Colossal Academy

At Colossal Academy, the 20 students, aged 10-14, spend three days a week on a farm, utilizing a yurt to learn farming, cooking, and technological skills in addition to core academic skills.

Igniting A Passion for Learning

Launched in 2014, Ignition Community Glass (ICG) is committed to advancing racial equity in the arts by exposing Chicago youth to the dynamic and therapeutic elements of glass making. The program was founded specifically for students who struggle in traditional learning environments but do not have the resources to pursue their talents as learning avenues.
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