VELA Education Fund Commits $5 Million to Expand its Support of Innovative, Nontraditional Education Programs

APRIL 27, 2021 — After awarding $2.5 million in fall 2020, VELA Education Fund today kicked off Meet the Moment 2.0, a grant program that will award up to $5 million in microgrants this spring. 

Everyday entrepreneurs can now apply to receive a microgrant of $2,500 or $10,000 to support innovative, nontraditional education programs. Students, families, educators, and community groups are encouraged to apply; VELA is looking to support individuals and local organizations who use their talents and resourcefulness to create their own ventures. 

This latest round of funding comes after VELA launched the Meet the Moment grant program in August 2020 to provide immediate, flexible funding to support the learning needs of families and students in the midst of the pandemic. Meet the Moment 2.0 microgrants will help families and educators continue their nontraditional learning solutions long after the pandemic subsides. 

“We are impressed by the ideas that caught fire during the pandemic and by the humanity that everyday entrepreneurs—community members, families, and young people—are bringing back to education,” said Meredith Olson, VELA Education Fund President. “VELA’s Meet the Moment 2.0 investment of $5 million will help to sustain and expand this innovative education movement going forward.”

VELA will accept applications until May 14, 2021, or until 500 applications are submitted, whichever comes first. Similar to the first round of funding, Meet the Moment 1.0, VELA will also distribute microgrants through partner organizations. The list of partner organizations and details of their application processes will be released in May. 

Through Meet the Moment 1.0, VELA worked with five partners to distribute more than $2.5 million to 450 grantees, who were located in 43 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Together, the Meet the Moment 1.0 grantees impacted 250,000 children and families. 

Past microgrant recipients have included the Zucchinis Homeschool Co-op, Wise Young Builders, Surf Skate Science, the Homeschool Resource Roadmap, Engaged Detroit, and many more.

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About VELA Education Fund

VELA Education Fund is a national, nonprofit fund that invests in nontraditional education innovations that can meet children’s academic and social-emotional needs. VELA partners with organizations and communities to administer microgrants and seed grants to eligible individuals and organizations meeting the needs of students and families. VELA Education Fund connects its grantees to a national network and provides them with a platform to elevate their work and learning.