How Land-based Learning Supports Indigenous Students

VELA Meet the Moment grantee Indigenous Farm Hub puts Native people—and especially students—back in control of growing their own food through land-based learning.

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Making STEM Skills Accessible to All Students

Rosa Aristy saw children from her community were underrepresented in #STEM fields. Her response? “I’m going to do something about this.”

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Nature-based Education Brings Learning to Life

These parents didn’t like their children’s school options, so they decided to create their own. Green Gate Children’s School is a play-based micro-school, where both learning and life are interconnected.

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Carpentry Students Find Joy in Math

“Why do we have to know this?” Kids ask, and Wise Young Builders (WYB) answers. Its program isn’t about creating carpenters. It’s about developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and exposing kids to a wide world of careers.

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Teacher Supports Families’ Online Learning Challenges

“For students who may already be behind their peers, the coaching and resources we offer have helped families ensure that the gap for these kids hasn’t widened further during the pandemic.” – Isis Spann, Founder of Kindergarten Kounts and FUNdamentals of Learning.

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Homeschool Meets Needs of Black Families

“This is an iconic moment for families. If schools won’t reinvent education, we have to reinvent it ourselves. And our goal at Engaged Detroit is to make sure families have the tools, so that choice is in their hands, because ultimately every parent wants their kid to be successful, successful and happy” – founder Bernita Bradley

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