VELA Selfies – Ignition Community Glass


Launched in 2014, Ignition Community Glass (ICG) is committed to advancing racial equity in the arts by exposing Chicago youth to the dynamic and therapeutic elements of glass making.

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VELA Selfies – Threefold Schoolhouse, PA


Threefold Schoolhouse is a place where young people ages 4-14 discover their calling and change the world. The Pennsylvania-based microschool infuses technology with hands-on learning opportunities and experiences like apprenticeships and summer internships.

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VELA Selfies – Memphis Lab School, TN


The Lab School is an innovative microschool located in the heart of Memphis serving ages 3-9 (PreK-4th grade). The school was founded by Coi Morrison, an educator, writer, and mom of four.

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VELA Selfies – Seattle School for Boys, WA


Students at Seattle School for Boys engage in a project-based curriculum that accommodates individual learners, small groups, and large groups in collaborative inquiry. The microschool calls on brain science to deliver a developmentally appropriate curriculum to boys that is heavy on social-emotional learning opportunities.

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VELA Selfies – Logic Creative Labs, GA


Located outside of Atlanta, Logic Creative Labs bills itself as families’ “homeschool away from home.” They offer a huge range of quality classes for all ages as well as open studio hours in their maker space, art room, and science lab. As part of being a supportive place for homeschool parents and kids to work and learn, Logic Creative Labs also helps with transcripts and college preparation.

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VELA Selfies – Nova Labs, VA


Nova Labs encompasses after-school programs, a competitive youth robotics program, summer camps, adult classes, community events, and a small business incubator. Over 400 families have memberships, giving them access to the 3D printers, laser cutters, and other high-tech tools in one of the largest makerspaces in the country.

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VELA Selfies – Free Forest School, MN


Free Forest School has more than 200 local chapters in 49 states, and together they’ve created approximately 100,000 nature education experiences for students. Thanks to a bridge grant from VELA, the organization plans to expand its membership to at least 50,000 students with an emphasis on creating access to families living in lower-income and underserved communities.

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VELA Selfies – La Luz, CO


In Denver, a dozen Latino students attend La Luz, a bilingual mobile microschool. Tuition-free and funded entirely through grants and donations, La Luz immerses middle school-aged students in a six-week rotation of learning experiences at different locations.

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VELA Selfies – GLOW Homeschoolers, SC


GLOW Homeschoolers in South Carolina does theater, cooking, farming, choreography, and more. GLOW Homeschoolers is fun!

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VELA Selfies – Southeast Texas Educational Partnership, TX


In Port Arthur, Texas, parents pitch in to teach hands-on academic and enrichment classes and make athletic programs available to homeschooling students. This is Lighthouse Home School Support, part of the Southeast Texas Educational Partnership.

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VELA Selfies – EPIC Homeschool Network, GA


Andrea Hall is a former teacher who sought a more flexible educational option for her own children. She decided to create one. Welcome to EPIC Homeschool in metro Atlanta.

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VELA Selfies – Mountaineer Homeschool Hub, WV


When Angie Channell launched the Mountaineer Homeschool Hub two years ago in Morgantown, West Virginia, eight families participated. Today, more than 35 take her homeschool co-op classes.

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